6 Surprising Things I Learned as a Second-Time Mom

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The age of the internet – What a time to be a mom! We have resources at our fingertips. It’s a great thing and also very overwhelming. Having the “mom” experience under your belt certainly makes things easier the second time around. However, it is true what they say, “every child is different” and every experience is different. Let me share with you the surprising things I learned as a second-time mom:

1. Delayed First-Time Bath for Newborn

In 2012, the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN) announced their “Wait for Eight” campaign stating that “delaying the bath by at least 8 hours would reduce the instability associated with cold stress.” The ICEA paper states, “that delayed bathing and leaving vernix on the skin would lead to decreases in hypoglycemia, weight loss, and jaundice along with better temperature stability. Other positive effects noted were skin protection from the antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of vernix and early seeding of the newborn microbiome.”

Delaying baby’s bath by 8-24 hours can help increase your chances of breastfeeding, as it can promote baby’s temperature stability.

2. Postnatal Vitamins Are for You, Mom

Childbirth takes a toll on a mother’s body. Postnatal vitamins are specifically designed to help replenish essential nutrients to your body. If you’re breastfeeding, make sure that you consider taking a multivitamin specifically for nursing moms as they are packed with 700% daily value of Vitamin D and 200% daily value of B Vitamins among other things. Breast milk is fully loaded with nutrients that baby needs. Your body will deplete itself to supply for baby. So, take those vitamins.

3. Probiotics

There is much debate on the efficacy of probiotics. However, I can personally attest that they’ve done wonders for me during pregnancy and post-pregnancy. Some of the benefits of probiotics during pregnancy include: reduction of morning sickness, heartburn and constipation. I used the Pink Stork Prenatal Probiotic during my second pregnancy and it truly made a difference.

4. Onesie Shoulder Flaps

Have you ever wondered why onesies have shoulder flaps? The shoulder flaps make it easy to slide baby’s arms through it and allows you to pull the onsie down, instead of over baby’s head. This is especially helpful in case of a blowout. I had no idea until now!

5. Staying Dry While Nursing

In the first few months, your body is still trying to figure out how much milk to produce. It’s very normal to overproduce, tapering off as your milk supply regulates to baby’s consumption. Make sure you’re equipped with the right tools – the right nursing bra, nursing pads and breast shells. This can save you breast milk and laundry! Refer to my blog on Staying Dry While Nursing.

6. Allergen Introduction

When introducing solids to baby, do it a single ingredient at a time in order to rule out food allergies. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) confirms “that a growing body of evidence supports the early introduction of peanut-based foods to infants to prevent peanut allergies.” Follow proper guidelines for food preparation to address the risk of choking. For example, there are dilution techniques for peanut butter to thin it out before introducing to baby.

To provide some more context to this, my husband and I have no known history of food allergies or eczema in our family. When our first one was born with it, we were very surprised. I was discouraged by my daughter’s pediatrician when it came to AAP’s recommendation on introducing peanut-based food. My daughter was already showing signs of reaction from the proteins that was passed through my breast milk.

My second child didn’t show any signs of eczema. At 6 months old, he was introduced to peanut butter at the allergist’s clinic. It is crucial to watch for signs of a reaction in the first 20 minutes. He loved it and he did well.

There you have it – the 6 surprising things I learned as a second-time mom. Which one of these did you already know?

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  1. Cristina Ioana

    Great post! I didn’t know about the delayed first-time bath and the reason behind it. Very interesting. The most surprising one was the onesie shoulder flap. My friend showed me this when she was visiting and my 2 months old boy decided to have a no. 2 explosion. It was as if she had shown me the winning lottery numbers. I was ‘Woooow!’. Hehe

    1. Samantha

      Thank you, Cristina. I didn’t know either until a wonderful nurse and educational program owner told me about it with my second baby. It makes sense from a biological point of view. LOL@the lottery comment. Right? Mind blown!

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