Exploring the Island of Bohol, Philippines with a Toddler

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I’m not unique… like many people, I enjoy travelling. But the truth is, the thought of travelling with a toddler seriously made me want to reconsider my hobbies and interests… only for the time being. New hobby: Avid homebody. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Kidding aside, I love my kids and I love experiencing the world with them. However, let’s face it, the toddling years are challenging! Fast forward to today, I’m proud to say we did it and we made it. My daughter just turned two during this trip. Here are the highlights of our travel to Bohol.

Bohol Bee Farm

Must try: organic coffee, corn coffee, ginger honey drink, honey ice cream, malunggay spread, pesto spread

We checked out the chill out bar by the water. I would caution you taking your little ones down. The stairs can be steep and slippery.

Panglao Island

A must stop for gorgeous powdery, white sand beaches!

Hinagdanan Cave

This is a naturally lit cavern. Don’t touch the water or swim in it – the tour guides will make sure of that. I do want to make special mention to the guides. They do this day in and out, yet they continue to entertain and they treat you like you’re their first visitor. They’re quite skilled with the camera as well. They want to make sure your photos look good. Now, that’s customer service at its finest.

It’s a bit steep and slippery for kids, so I wouldn’t recommend checking this site out if you don’t have anyone to watch after them.

The Famous Chocolate Hills

A trip to Bohol is not complete without visiting these famous hills. The climb up is long. There are shaded rest stops along the way. Take water with you and stay hydrated. The view at the top is spectacular!

Loboc River Cruise

We floated around the Loboc River while enjoying delicious local cuisine, great entertainment and great scenery.

These are the highlights of our trip. I hope this will inspire you to go out there and explore! What’s your travel adventure with your toddler like?

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