5 Tips for Photographing Your Active Toddler

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Do you have an active toddler who won’t sit still for a photo? If yours does, congratulations! You’ll have to share your secret. For the rest of us that still want that lovely photo without having Child Protection Services called up on us (because the kid is tied to the chair in the photo – kidding), try these tips for photographing your active toddler:

Tip#1: Do an outdoor photoshoot

Your garden or backyard has a lot of interesting things for your toddler to see and play with. What’s better than capturing your child discover things in nature?

Tip#2: Use a bubble machine

There is nothing more beautiful than capturing the sheer joy and playfulness of your child. Photoshoots don’t have to be painful. Have fun with it!

Tip#3: Take your toddler out for a scenic view

Is there a local park in your area where wildflowers bloom in the springtime? Then, take your toddler there. I promise you that the scenic view will be well worth it. Don’t forget to bring plenty of snacks and drinks along the way, so that you don’t have a cranky toddler by the time you’re ready to take those photos.

Tip#4: Play dress up

Does your toddler have an outfit that he/she adores? It’s a great opportunity to take those pictures! And if the outfit involves their favorite cartoon character, you don’t need to wait for Halloween! Capture the moment today.

Tip#5: Entice with toys

Our toddler received a beautiful matching coat and hat for Christmas from my husband’s grandmother. We wanted to take a photo of her in it. However, she wasn’t very interested in taking a picture. All she wanted to do was play with her ball. So, what are we supposed to do? Simple – take the ball with her. Evidence is seen in the photo, but look at that content smile!

I love the beauty that candid photos bring as you can see from these photos I’ve shared. I hope these tips will inspire and encourage you that photographing your active toddler is doable!

Credits to my husband’s photography and my mother’s creative directing.

If you want inspiration for baby photography, see my post on “Baby Photography Ideas“.

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  1. Cristina Ioana

    Oh, such lovely photographs! I will definitely use these tips as my toddler’s idea of a photoshoot is to run and hide. I will show you the results.

    1. Samantha

      That’s too funny. They don’t seem to sit still at this age. Thank you for your compliment. I sincerely hope these tips will deliver the results you want.

  2. Francesca

    This is a great article! It is very helpful for me with two toddler around 😁!
    I ll try your tips ☺️

    1. Samantha

      Hi Francesca! Thank you. I’m so glad to hear that. Two can be a challenge, but capturing their interactions through play in the photo would be priceless! 😀

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